A Modern Restaurant Ambiance at Ombu LA

A Modern Restaurant Ambiance at Ombu LA

When we began developing the concept for Ombu Grill, one consideration was the interior space. We thought about what we wanted to convey with the design, and what type of environment we wanted our clientele to enjoy. Korean barbecue can sometimes have connotations of being a place where loudness and busyness prevail. This was not the objective we had in mind. Instead, Ombu is a modern restaurant ambiance with an upscale and trendy flair.

How is this modern restaurant ambiance vision executed? Well, sleek surfaces are one common thread throughout the restaurant. In our iPhone/iPad wielding culture, we are accustomed to all things slick and smooth. Or, think about new cars, where we enjoy the pristine and luxurious feeling of sleek details. The same can be expected when you have a seat at Ombu Grill. High backed booths offer privacy from the noise and view of other tables. You will feel both powerful and exclusive when you have a seat in Ombu.

We also wanted to keep a fresh, natural feeling to our restaurant to match the current landscape of the consumer mindset. For healthy, energized vibes we included our green plant wall (which also helps channel the Ombu Tree after which we are named), with tall planters of vegetation all throughout the restaurant as well. Trendiness is achieved in our modern restaurant ambiance in details such as pops of orange color and the lighting fixtures that provide a dim glow.

Between the sleek details, fresh appeal and trendy touches, overall Ombu Grill is the type of experience that you do not always get at home. If you are looking for an escape, for something new, for an environment that is out of your ordinary routine, it is definitely time you come visit Ombu.

To help affirm all we have written here, we encourage you to come take a look at our Yelp page, where the reviews about our modern restaurant ambiance speak for themselves!

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