Argentinian Asado In Los Angeles

Argentinian Asado In Los Angeles

As we announced in our last blog post, as part of our Ombu Grill Soft Opening Month, we are introducing all kinds of exciting new updates. Today, this update is related to the newly refreshed menu at Ombu Grill. Ombu Grill Los Angeles is now a destination not only for Korean barbecue, but for some of the best Argentinian asado in Los Angeles as well.

Are you on a quest to find Argentinian asado in Los Angeles? Asado is an Argentinian tradition of grilling meats on an open fire. At Ombu, we believe that the format of Korean barbecue is also conducive to grilling Argentinian meats, so why not combine them? Our menu features both Korean meat and Argentinian meat. Stick with one half of the menu for Korean favorites such as gal bi, chadol and kot sal.  Or, look to the other half, where you will enjoy asado, skirt steak, and various sausages such as chorizo and morcilla. Of course, you can combine various meat cuts from each for a well rounded fusion of these two exciting cultures.

Both Argentinian asado and Korean barbecue meats are paired with salads and alcohols. Whether you prefer a nice Malbec, or soju to enjoy with your meal, Ombu has that which can satisfy you. Zesty dipping sauces such as the infamous chimichurri, and fine-tuned seasoning blends  With delicious banchan, exciting a la carte plates and side salads, your experience combining Korean barbecue and Argentinian asado in Los Angeles is complete with a visit to Ombu Grill.

To see what others have to say about the top destination for Korean barbecue and Argentinian asado in Los Angeles, just check out some of the rave reviews on our Yelp page.

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