Foodie Trend Report: Condiment Shops

Foodie Trend Report: Condiment Shops

At Ombu Grill, we pride ourselves in the fact that we feature a multitude of different flavors and items. Our menu has a wide variety of options for different preferences across the spectrum. However, within the foodie scene, there are places where the scope is much more narrow. In fact, today we have a foodie trend report about the rising movement of condiment shops: specialized retail outlets that sell just one type of sauce or spread. 

These days, it seems like Sriracha is a superstar when it comes to condiments. Fans of this hot sauce will douse just about any type of food with the spicy red condiment. A new retailer called Heatonist is taking the love of hot sauce one step further. Heatonist is a hot sauce specialty store that sources unique and independent hot sauces from all around the world at its store in Brooklyn. The storefront brings in sommeliers of spicy sauces to help guide consumers on food pairings.

Another example of condiment shops? Mustard emporium Maille, also located in New York. This condiment shop features unique flavors of mustard, such as black truffle, basil and Parmesan, in addition to standard varieties. Customers can come in to consult with mustard tasters to discover new condiments, or with old jars for refills at reduced prices.

Personally, we would not be surprised to see condiment shops come to Koreatown. Who knows – perhaps they could inspire the cuisine at Ombu one of these days! Do you have any experience with condiment shops? Do you consider yourself a foodie who would enjoy exploring and tasting a particular condiment at its very own specialty store? We would love to know more of your thoughts. Feel free to leave us a comment below.



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