Graduation Celebrations

Graduation Celebrations

Ombu Grill would like to congratulate all students who are graduating this season. We are all proud of you as members of our community. We know the sacrifices that families make to provide better opportunities for their children. Graduation is yet another milestone, a step to achieving one’s goals and dreams. It symbolizes hard work, completion, dedication, achievement and the start of the next phase in life. You may be continuing your higher education or embarking on your professional career.

To celebrate this joyous occasion, we’ve got you covered from large party rooms to open tables. Our well designed high booths provide a smaller intimate dining experience, if you have a party of six or less. Enjoy high quality Korean BBQ and Argentinian Asado as well as our delicious traditional Korean dishes by celebrating your graduation or your child’s graduation at Ombu Grill. Korean food is meant to be shared by family and friends. Share our BBQ and Asado and enjoy a variety of banchan to complement your meal. We’ll provide great service and an unforgettable meal. All you have to do is come with an appetite and enjoy your celebration.

Experience Ombu Grill at its best, an upscale new destination for Korean BBQ and Argentinian Asado. Make your graduation celebration reservations at Ombu Grill by visiting or call us at (213) 637-0262. Our ambience is clean modern elegance in the heart of Koreatown. Our address is 400 S. Western Avenue #104, Los Angeles, CA 90020. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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