Introducing Ombu Grill Los Angeles

Introducing Ombu Grill Los Angeles

In the densely populated Koreatown neighborhood of Los Angeles, there are a myriad of restaurants, bars and other dining and entertainment options to choose from. For those who seek a new experience that features exciting, unique, high quality cuisine, we are pleased to present Ombu Grill.

Take a listen as you stroll down the streets of Koreatown, and two languages you will hear predominantly include Spanish and Korean. These cultures not only mix in a lingual sense, but at Ombu Grill they mix in a dining experience. Bringing the best dishes, flavors and other aspects of both Korean BBQ and Argentine food together, the fusion cuisine of Ombu Grill is sure to please. With an emphasis on high quality meats and traditional Argentine and Korean dishes prepared with a modern flair, this is sure to be a dining experience like none other.

Derived from a family with ties to both cultural backgrounds, the experts behind the operation know the flavors and methods to best provide an authentic meal. Their desire to share their passion for these cuisines is what prompted the origin of Ombu Grill.

Stay tuned here on Ombu Grill’s blog, the source of all official Ombu Grill news and happenings, for thrilling updates. We are excited to introduce the location and the menu, along with information on events, Koreatown itself, and all that is trending within the culinary industry both here in Los Angeles and around the world.

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