Koreatown Feature: Wi Spa USA

Koreatown Feature: Wi Spa USA

If you are a fan of Korean BBQ and other Korean food, the chances are you may be familiar with the Korean spa experience as well. However, if you are not, or if you are looking to learn about where you can experience the best Korean spa in Los Angeles, we have a special Koreatown Feature for you here on our blog today. Come learn all there is to know about Wi Spa USA.

Derived from a culture where bathrooms were not always a household staple, Korean spas provide a space for families to participate in hygiene rituals. Though it is almost unheard of here in the United States for households to be void of a bathroom, Korean spas have been gaining popularity. Now, they are seen as a luxurious experience to help cleanse, detoxify and relax.

At Wi Spa USA, there are several different ways to participate in these cleaning and relaxation rituals. Men and women have their own separate floors with hot and cold tubs, showers, beauty and grooming facilities, saunas and steam rooms and more. There is also a co-ed floor, the jimjilbang with a variety of mineral saunas including jade, salt, bulgama, ice and clay. The jimjilbang at Wi Spa USA also provides space for napping, relaxing, family bonding, eating and more. All day access is granted with a flat-rate price.

In addition to these floors, Wi Spa USA patrons can book appointments with service providers. The offerings include massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and other skin treatments. These can be purchased in an a la carte fashion, separate from or in addition to participation in the entrance to the various spa rooms.

Now, when you visit Koreatown to take a trip to Wi Spa USA, you can combine your relaxation with a fabulous meal from Ombu Grill!


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