Ombu: A Prime Grade Meat Quality Restaurant

Ombu: A Prime Grade Meat Quality Restaurant

Are you familiar with the different “grades” that are designated to meat by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)? You may frequently hear grocery stores proclaim “USDA Select” or “USDA Choice,” but what do these designations mean, and how many of them are there? Since Ombu Grill prides itself on being a prime grade meat quality restaurant, we wanted to provide a bit of education on what exactly this means.

There are nine different grades available to meat. The lowest three include utility, cutter and canner grades. It is very seldom that any of these are sold at retail. Generally, they are used to make processed products such as hot dogs, or ground beef. Working up, the next grades are standard and commercial. These are probably what you most frequently purchase at the grocery store as ungraded or store brand meats.

From here, we progress to the select grade, which is where things start to get a little higher quality. Select meats are generally leaner than the grades above them. They can be somewhat tender, but they are less marbled than higher grades, which means that they will be less juicy and flavorful. Frequently, these meats are marinated to help make sure that tenderness and flavor achieves its maximum potential. Generally, dry heat cooking is not recommended for this grade.

Choice grade is the second highest designation. While high quality, tender, and juicy, these characteristics fade somewhat if the meat is overcooked in a dry heat setting.  The less tender cuts, such as rump, round and blade chuck are recommended to be braised, roasted, or simmered with liquid rather than cooked in a dry heat method.

Finally, there is the prime grade category. Since Ombu Grill is a prime grade meat quality restaurant, this is the only type of meat we offer: the highest quality you can find out there. The animals that contribute to this type of meat are young and well-fed. The meat itself is highly marbled, with very tender and flavorful characteristics. Prime meat lends itself well to being cooked in dry heat methods, such as broiling, roasting, and of course, grilling.

So, if you are looking for a prime grade meat quality restaurant, where you can select from the best meats money can buy, be sure to come dine at Ombu Grill. Our Yelp reviewers have definitely noticed and appreciated the fact that we are a prime grade meat quality restaurant, so you do not just have to take our word for it.

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