Ombu Soft Opening Update

Ombu Soft Opening Update

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, we re-introduced Ombu Grill’s blog after a hiatus, explaining that we are now in the official Ombu Soft Opening phase. Before a larger Grand Opening celebration, we are inviting customers in to come give Ombu a try, and provide us with feedback about their visit, so we can present a top notch experience going forward.

So far, the feedback on the Ombu Soft Opening has been very positive. We are delighted with our 100% satisfaction ratings on both Yelp and Facebook. Many customers have been drawn in by our $25 for $50 Soft Opening Yelp special. What they do not realize is that the Soft Opening special does not end here. So, today, we present you with an Ombu Soft Opening update that you will want to know about.

While Korean barbecue is a very common phenomenon in Koreatown, it seems that many of our patrons have a bit less experience grilling and tasting Argentinian meats. However, since this is a key aspect of our menu and what sets Ombu Grill apart from other Korean barbecue restaurants, we definitely want our patrons to experience this side of things. For this reason, we are currently offering a complimentary Argentinian asado sampler to anyone who stops by for dinner. Taste Argentinian specials such as asado, chorizo and morcilla without committing to ordering a whole platter (though if you like what you taste, you are of course more than welcome to order more of) for a comprehensive Ombu Grill experience.

Of course, what would grilled meat be without some delicious beverages to wash it down? Our drinks are currently part of the Ombu Soft Opening deal as well. Purchase two beverages and receive the third for only a $1. Whether you are going for a bottle of Hite, one of our Argentinian wines, or something different, your taste for asado and thirst will be quenched.

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