Our Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grills

Our Smokeless Korean Barbecue Grills

How appetizing does that image of the platter of chadol, or thinly sliced beef brisket look? The only thing that would ruin our high quality, juicy meat is if you were to set it on the grill and have it erupt in a cloud of smoke that consequently permeated into your clothes and hair, and ended up leaving the restaurant with you. Sometimes, a hesitation for attending Korean barbecue restaurants is the lingering haze of smoke that hangs over the restaurant, interfering with air quality.

At Ombu Grill, we do not want this to be an issue for our valued guests. When we established our restaurant, part of the vision that came to mind was sleek details. The first way we implemented this was with our smokeless Korean barbecue grills, which provide a new, high tech solution to hazy barbecue restaurants.

At Ombu, our grills are smokeless Korean barbecue grills. As you sit around your table, you can enjoy the experience of grilling your meats exactly to your desire, without the interruption to your eyes and nose that smoke can bring. Not only does this create a better environment for you as you eat, but it also allows only the freshest flavors from the food to grace your palate, without the flavor of smoke overpowering the meal.

If you need convincing beyond our word, take a look at our smokeless Korean barbecue grills in action, cooking some of that chadol, as submitted by one of our Yelp reviewers. If you find yourself getting hungry, speaking of Yelp, we currently are offering a promotion to receive $50 worth of Ombu Grill cuisine for only $25 -a 50% savings! Visit our page to see more photos of the delicious meals our smokeless Korean barbecue grills produce, and purchase a deal for your next trip to our restaurant.


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