Summertime Favorite: Naengmyun

Summertime Favorite: Naengmyun

One of the most consumed Korean dishes during the summer is Naengmyun. This cold dish is perfect to cool down our bodies from the heat and it’s light enough but still a satisfying meal.

Naengmyun is mostly known as cold noodles with multiple variations and styles. Most Naengmyun noodles are made from flour and starch of buckwheat, potatoes and sweet potatoes. Traditional Mul Naengmyun is served in a cold broth made from beef, chicken or Dongchimi (a cold kimchi broth with various vegetables). Along with the cold broth and noodles, there are julienne cucumbers, slices of Korean pears, pickled radishes, a boiled egg and slices of cold boiled beef. The other most popular variety of Naengmyun is Bibim Naengmyun that is served with a spicy gochujang base and other ingredients. All of this is served in a large stainless bowl to help keep it cold, and spicy mustard and vinegar can be added to taste.

It’s origin dates back to the Joseon Dynasty from 1392 to 1897 and became very popular all over Korea, after the Korean War. In recent years, Korean BBQ and cuisine has experienced tremendous growth as more people from around the world try Korean food. Along with Korean bbq, kimchi and traditional stews; naengmyun is becoming a familiar dish among korean food lovers all over. It’s very popular to combine Korean BBQ meats with this cold dish. Enjoy our Korean BBQ, followed by a refreshing bowl of Naengmyun. Your taste buds will thank you and you’ll feel refreshed and satisfied!

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