The Best Naengmyun in Los Angeles

The Best Naengmyun in Los Angeles

Have you been wondering where to find the best naengmyun in Los Angeles? Well, wonder no more. When you visit Ombu Grill, your taste buds will be delighted by the fresh, spicy delight of our 비빔냉면, or bibim naengmyun, known as cold spicy noodle. What makes it the best naengmyun in Los Angeles? Well, our recipe is simultaneously traditional yet unique, making it the best version of this favorite dish that you can encounter.

Traditional Korean cold noodle dishes are an age old delicacy. The widely accepted serving method is a stainless steel bowl to keep the dish as cold as possible. Most naengmyeon will feature julienned cucumber, boiled egg, cold boiled beef, and Korean pear among the buckwheat noodles and icy dressing. The red color you see in the image above comes from the gochujang, or red chili paste that gives our bibim naengmyun its spicy flavoring. In keeping with tradition, we offer spicy mustard and vinegar as additions to the dish. While we cannot give all our recipe secrets away, we urge you to come discover just why our Yelp reviewers are raving about this dish.

A fun fact about naengmyun is that the long noodles are meant to symbolize longevity of life and good health. While it can be more difficult to consume these noodles, servers, such as our staff at Ombu Grill, will often ask if scissors should be used to cut the noodles.

There is no better time to try the best naengmyun in Los Angeles than in these hot summer months. Stop by Ombu Grill for lunch between the hours of 11 AM and 3 PM, and order 비빔냉면 solo, or as part of one of our lunch combination plates. Be sure to snap a photo of this artful presentation and tag us on social media!

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