Where To Host a Dinner Party In LA

Where To Host a Dinner Party In LA

Today is Thanksgiving Eve and the holiday season is officially here. As family and friends visit from out of town, and organizations and companies throw their holiday parties, one question that can arise is where to host a dinner party in LA? Some occasions just call for a restaurant to step in and help you out. The nature of barbecue is that it is meant to be shared, making it the perfect cuisine to gather around this holiday season. So, if you are wondering where to host a dinner party in LA, and looking for an upscale restaurant that can accommodate your entire gathering, you will want to know about how Ombu Grill can help out with that.

First of all, when hosting a company dinner or other group gathering, one issue that can come up is the variety of dietary preferences that many people face. The cuisine of Ombu Grill fits right in. Even though our main specialties are meats, we offer other options with our stews, tofu dishes, quinoa bowl and of course our naengmyun. All different types of diners are welcome at Ombu.

More importantly than just the food itself when it comes to where to host a dinner party is the space itself, and making sure there is room for everyone attending. We have private rooms that offer enough seating for up to 30, closed off enough that you do not have to worry about noise levels. There are other spaces within the restaurant, not enclosed rooms, that can be split off for groups of varying sizes as well. Our modern ambiance and professional staff will leave your party with a lasting impression about what a great event you hosted.

So, if you are wondering where to host a dinner party in LA and Ombu Grill sounds like a good option for you, be sure to contact us at 213-637-0262. As private party accommodations are somewhat rare in Koreatown, our space is filling up fast for the holidays, and you will not want to wait.

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